Social Media Management

Social media is an important part of your online presence that improves your
chances of generating additional revenue and building customer loyalty.

Here is where we offer our expertise at to help Entrepreneurs &
Business Owners setup accounts and connect with all the potential customers on
social networks.

Through a combination of creative strategies, engagement, and content creation,
We will manage and grow your accounts and find creative ways for them to
connect with their customers and build brand awareness.

Our High Quality Service Focuses On These Aspects

– Brand-specific content
– Posts include engaging captions and CTA phrases (Call to action)
– Posts include researched hashtags
– Fun and Engaging Instagram Stories
– Memes

– Facebook,
– Instagram,
– Twitter,
– LinkedIn,
– Pinterest,
– Google+

– Grow your Online Presence!
– Create Very Creative Designed and Modern Posts!
– Create High Quality Content!
– Find the latest trending Hashtags!
– Increase your followers/ likes!
– Bring you more engagement!
– Boost your leads and sales!

What Makes Us Special?

– Optimizing your social media accounts
– Content plan and content scheduling
– Creating high-quality post design branded with your logo or website URL
– Trending hashtag research
– Increasing engagement
– Increasing brand awareness

1. Requirements
We make sure I have everything I need to complete your project successfully.

2. Research
I map out your needs and learn the topic.

3. First draft
You’ll get a first outline of the delivery.

4. Content Creation
I’ll create content based on your goals and plan.

5. Post scheduling / publishing
I’ll schedule and publish your social media content according to your plan.

6. Delivery
You’ll review the final delivery and see if you need changes.


1. We will have a call to discuss all important questions around your company/project,
branding, goals…
2. We will connect your channels to our dashboards.
3. We create the content giving you as many possibilities to give feedback as needed and deliver a feed design that fulfills your expectation.

The most common types of posts we create are business-related, promotional, educational,
motivational, inspirational, informational, infographic, etc.

We do graphics using stock and website images, if you have images that want to include in
graphics sure you can send them to us.

After the order is placed we study your business and plan our work. 1/3 of the posts will be
created and sent to you for approval/feedback. After your approbation, we work on the rest of
the posts prior to posting them.

We are here to help you establish a strong Social Media presence for you. You need to
understand that Social Media is a long game, consistency is the key to the success.

Based on many factors such as goal, industry/niche, location, target audience, etc, I will
recommend you the most suitable platform for your business.

Social Media Management is the most effective way to build professional profiles towards
sustainable growth. It includes daily posting accompanied by relevant and engaging content.

We offer Manual Audience Engagement for organic followers growth. This an extra service,
please contact us for more information.

100% we wont post anything without you approving it! Goal will be that at some point this
wont be necessary anymore.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin

This gig will be running for 4 weeks / one month of management + content creation time.

Yes! We like to have access to available assets through a drive that we will create for you, but from there we will use these (or available stock images) to edit and create your branded

We are an agency with a team of experts in various fields. So we do not have the necessity to outsource for social media work.

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