Social Media Ads

Welcome to the side of Social Media Marketing where we prioritize performance, identify target audience go above and beyond to create scroll-stopping designs that tell fantastic stories!

Whether the goal is increasing sales, brand awareness or something else, we will package and design a scroll-stopping ad that does what you want it to do.

We will use our team’s expertise in digital marketing to pitch and create an effective social media marketing campaign, manage and monitor the campaign, write enticing ad copy, research appropriate
hashtags, and identify the target audience for the respective platform.

With our team of digital marketing experts we understand the importance of digital marketing for Business and new startups to achieve your business target and objectives We will offer you
customized marketing strategy as per your business requirements.

At present social media has a lot of active users. You can target your potential customer through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn. We will set up your Campaign from scratch.

Our High Quality Service Focuses On These Aspects

– Compliant with the policies of the ad platforms
– Designed to fit you branding and tone of voice
– Backed by the experience and knowledge of a trained Marketer &
– We will Work on it until you’re happy with the result

– Find best-possible targeting and build a campaign on Facebook and
Instagram to drive ideal traffic
– Provide two (or more) ad variations for review for each target
audience for A/B testing
– Manage and optimize your campaigns throughout the 30-day engagement
– Report on campaign performance (monthly for Basic & Standard, weekly for Premium)
– All include an assessment of business needs and your Facebook or
– Instagram Marketing goals, target audience and previous campaign
– Domain Ver. and Pixel Req.

– Account create and optimize
– Social media growing
– Posts design
– Followers increase
– Growth audience
– Schedule posting
– More engagement
– Social medial adds campaign management
– Google Adds
– Search engine optimization
– Prepare and execute customize marketing strategy
– Product research
– Content creation
– Enhance, modify, improve existing content (graphics, effects, text,
– Ad engagement (liking/responding to comments)
– Collaborate w/ digital community
– Copywriting
– Marketing insights & analysis report
– Cross-promotion across platforms
– Marketing strategy & action plan
– Copywriting
– Market Research
– Google Analytics & Search Ads
– Facebook Ads & Insights

For running paid Ads, our service fee does not include the expense of the ads. Our Client has to pay the ad cost. We are responsible for setting up, monitoring, and optimizing the ads’ performance. We guarantee sales and leads.

What Makes Us Special?

We have a team of digital native experts with 10-year of experience in Branding & Marketing.It is our pleasure to become your Social Media Manager. We will be managing both contents, graphics, and even Facebook Ads management and development.

We are an approved Facebook Marketing Partner – Agency. We have over 15 years of collective professional experience creating marketing campaigns for global brands, as well as small businesses
and startups.
We have managed over $5mm collectively in social media budgets in the last 5 years and have consistently generated a 5:1 return on ad spend for our clients.
We have developed award-winning digital marketing campaigns in travel, hospitality, beauty, travel, non-profit and other industries.
We are reliable, responsive, experienced – and easy to work with!


You need to have a Facebook page, Ad account, and business manager. I will walk you through the process of how to invite me to be your advertiser.

We will be billed. This is included in our service and ad cost.

Unfortunately, We can’t guarantee specific results. They depend on many factors that are out of my control. We can’t force people to purchase but we can target them well. Some of the factors that may affect your results are prices, market saturation, credibility, landing page quality and many more.

STEP 1 – We will need access to your Ad account and Facebook page ( We will provide instructions)
STEP 2 – We will create an advertising strategy for the specific period
STEP 3 – We will research a target audience, create an ad copy, set up your ads, and split-test them.

Some businesses see results from the first day and some after months of extensive testing and optimizations this is why we can’t give a straight answer. In all cases, you must have realistic expectations. Becoming profitable from the first week of testing is not always possible.

From the moment we post you will see results but they depend on the content you have provided and the gig extras you have ordered. We recommend reviewing after 5-7 days post delivery.

Generally speaking the basic gig is delivered within 3 days. You can choose a 24 hr turnaround gig extra if you wish to expedite the process. There’s a countdown telling you how long until we deliver.

Get Started Now!

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