I am an Addicted Movie Watcher, I have over 300Gb of Videos on my Laptop. I actually have a 500BG Hard Drive dedicated to Movies only.

I have spent over 300hours on NetFlix and YouTube, watching various Movies.

BUT, what did I gain?….NOTHING

I stopped when the Buhari Recession hit my Business (TWICE)

I Could no longer afford Data to download Movies neither could I afford to renew my subscription. 

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The Entertainment World is really huge and it will Continue to Expand.

The Entertainment Industry is one of the Biggest Industries in the World. 

Imagine these Figures:

– A YouTube channel with a Video on an El classico game between Real Madrid and Barcelona recorded 6.5million views in less than 24hours after the game, that is a lot of money for the owner of the YouTube Channel

-Fast and Furious 7 grossed over 1.2 billion Dollars from Box Office Revenue after 2 weeks of release, it broke many records

-Titanic, an Awesome movie made in 1999 is still making money till date. I will show you how yu can make Money from Old Movies

-Any Popular and Sonorous Indian Movie son on YouTube on the Average has over 50Million Views, thats another Deep Opportunity to make Cool and Cash.

-The Squid Game produced by a Korean Company on Netflix is the most watched Movie series after Game of Thrones it worths $900million to Netflix


The Entertainment Will Continue To Expand, Tap into IT

You can easily Tap into this Basket of Money, in this 2023 Over 40+ Action packed, Horror, Adventure and War Movies will Released in 2023.

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What Do You Need To Start?

-Your Phone 

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