Data Analytics

We have a capable Data Science Team with Over 12 years of working experience in Big-Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Time Series modeling, Automation & RPA, BI & Data
Visualization, Cloud Computing, Text Mining.

We will help to make sense of all the data that seem cumbersome by cleaning analyzing and visualizing them. In the event that the data needed is not readily available
for analysis, We will scrape and mine the data where possible.

We offer a Live session of Custom Consultancy regarding Data Science & Analytics topics on Zoom/Google Meet/Microsoft Teams.

We will support you in the definition of your Data Science project, the correct steps to be taken taking into consideration the whole picture of an end-to-end Data Science Project.

We Develop end to end BI/Data Analytics platform. This requires developing a data model and connecting it with a Data visualization report

We offer services for the practical implementation of BigData tools and technologies for Data Analytics as well as the technical and research-based report writing.

Our High Quality Service Focuses On These Aspects

– Exploratory Data Analysis
– Getting data from your data source (Microsoft SQL,Oracle, Excel, csv, Access, SQL, mySql, Folders, web, etc.)
– Cleaning data by performing ETL process where need be. Creating new columns and measures as needed
– Creating great visuals (bars, maps, lines, waterfalls, slicers, etc.),
– Creating dashboards and adding your account to view the dashboard.

– Tableau
– Power BI
– Oracle DV
– Python

– Machine Learning
– Deep learning
– Neural networks
– Supervised learning
– Unsupervised learning
– Decision trees
– Anomaly detection
– Linear regression
– Classification
– Churn

– Python
– scikit-learn
– Colab
– Jupyter Notebook
– Azure ML Studio
– Alteryx
– Excel
– Google Analytics
– Google Data Studio
– Google Sheets
– Power BI
– QlikView

– Quantitative analysis
– Qualitative analysis
– Impact analysis
– Statistical analysis
– Descriptive analysis
– Diagnostic analysis
– Predictive analysis
– Prescriptive analysis

What Makes Us Special?

– Web analytics
– Alerts
– Business Insights
– Experiment design
– Trends
– Prediction
– Forecasting
– Statistics
– Sentiment analysis
– Time series analysis
– Business Insights
– Trends
– Algorithms
– Prediction
– Churn & retention
– Cluster analysis
– Cohort analysis
– Factor analysis
– Regression testing
– Sentiment analysis

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